Dear Team,

You walk around today and it’s almost like the last two years didn’t happen. Few people are wearing masks, there are no QR check in codes, no more social distancing signs, and no more gestapo police asking to see your vaccine passport. It’s almost like society is trying to move on from what seemed like a bad dream – and so they should.

The problem is we still have the fear brigade wanting us to live in perpetual fear, and that goes for both sides of the fence. The likes of Dr Kerryn Phelps telling us mask mandates should still be in place or Ray Hadley still angry that vaccine mandates were dropped.

You can also guarantee that the ABC will roll out some professor whom two years ago was a no-name but has found fame keeping people in fear about the virus. These TV doctors and media personalities suffer from what I call relevance deprivation syndrome. They want the hysteria to continue so badly because they have either profited from it or become famous because of it.

But let’s be honest, we have many personalities and groups on our side of freedom who do exactly the same thing. I know this is not a popular opinion but it needs to be said. Don’t get me wrong, I’m the first one to put my hand up and belt out an outrage speech trying to fire people up to fight back or attend a rally.

This is always done with good intentions to motivate people to take control of their lives and don’t live in fear of “what’s next”. Sometimes the fear itself of “what’s next” is the very thing that is keeping us sick and depressed. We rallied so much against the fear and hysteria that the government and mainstream media dished out yet we find ourselves doing exactly the same thing.

I too have been guilty of sharing videos of the upcoming “Armageddon” that tells everyone to build a bunker and stock enough food for a year. I’ve come to realise it doesn’t really help anyone. If anything it weakens people through fear and right now we don’t want people to be weak.

I have stressed many times that the last two years has seen many of us lose our jobs, our families, our friends, and to some extent our mental health, but we can’t become victims to it. We need to now move past the trauma, come out of the rabbit hole for some air and don’t hold onto unnecessary grudges. It will take longer for some but at least there is the reassurance that there is a whole tribe of freedom warriors who can help them get through it.

It is important we rest and reconnect with family and friends. Try to involve yourself in the most enjoyable aspects of society rather than close yourself in and think everyone is out to get you. Yes be vigilant but don’t live your life thinking everyone is an enemy.

One thing I have learnt along the way is that not everything is a conspiracy and while I do believe in a good conspiracy, I am not going to live down the rabbit hole worrying about every agenda that the establishment has planned for me. Why? Because that is how they win!

And what happens if they try this again? Next time we will be ready. We will be stronger and we will be more united than ever. But it starts with us. Each and every single one of us. Not Donald Trump, Not Q, Not politicians or celebrities, not my half-time speeches…but each one of us!

You are stronger than you think but you need to stop giving your strength away. What are you willing to give up? What sacrifices are you willing to make? Whats the little things you are going to do each day to better yourself mentally, physically and spiritually? Only you can do this and no one else.

God Bless and take care of each other. Hope to meet some of you at the United 4 Truth Forum 🙂

Christian Mack