Dear Team,

After a weekend of successful rallies all over the country many people are asking what do we do next? I know a lot of you may be disheartened because of the lack of action or change occurring in our community but things are changing and more importantly you have changed. Are you the same person you were before all of this started?

While there may have been much suffering and trauma along the way (some of which still continues) I can honestly say that we have come out of it stronger and more united with our ‘freedom’ tribes. I know it has not been easy as many of us have lost family and friends along the way as well as being subjected to vicious trolling, name-calling, and discrimination.

I myself have experienced many of these things but we must rise above it and be better than the people that perpetuate these attacks and accusations. We must be careful not to spread false information and outrageous rumours just like the mainstream media and government does. We are better than that.

We must make our own personal sacrifices and perhaps give up some of the luxuries and conveniences we became so used to. We have to give up some of the toxicity we became dependent on. We do not need to make radical changes and become extreme in our ways or views but we can certainly find a balance.

There is one task that we can all do after the rally on the weekend and that is to share the petition calling for a Royal Commission and Senate Inquiry but we need more people signing it. I would encourage everyone to then email their local state and federal MP as well as the Premier and Prime Minister with a link to the petition. Write them an email of how you were affected and then attach the link to it. These things do not go unnoticed.

Once the petition gets to 10000 signatures I will organise a campaign to target all media to show them how serious we are. I have had people tell me it’s pointless and it won’t work BUT we must try. I had so many people telling me during lock-downs and mandates that the ‘illegal’ protests and petitions were pointless but I believe we are where we are today with some sense of normality because of them!

Last week I conducted an interview with Dr Stephen Chavura. If you can please find the time to listen to it I am sure you will get a lot out of it. Stephen gives us a wonderful perspective on what has occurred in the last 2 years and more importantly where we are headed with ‘The Great Reset’.

Stay strong my fellow freedom warriors! We got this!

God Bless you all.

Christian Mack

Watch the Dr Stephen Chavura interview