Dear Team,

Remember when we were all at home during lock-downs watching videos and searching for answers? Looking for someone or a campaign to get behind that could lead us out of this covid carnage? I remember doing so much research about the law, human rights, privacy, and virus remedies. I’m sure many of you did the same and just like me were holding out for a leader to take up the fight and win it for us.

While I ended up learning so much about my rights as a citizen and how ‘free’ I actually am I realised I didn’t need a hero to come and save me from tyranny. Learning about the constitution, basic human rights and the way the law and legislation works, it became very obvious that it’s not the government who imprisons us but our own ignorance. I was empowered through knowledge.

None of this would have been possible if more people actually knew what police and politicians can and can’t enforce. This also goes for many companies and organisations who blindly complied with mandates and passports. If they had bothered to do some actual research on what their rights were as a business they would have put up more of a fight for their staff and also to remain open.

Remember the optics of the army on the streets? While I greatly respect the defense forces they were a toothless tiger on the streets of Australia. What could they actually do besides report suspicious behaviour? Nothing. They had no power or authority and they could not even take orders from the police they were accompanied by. They were basically called in as glorified security guards. They could not arrest or fine you. Did you know this?

The bottom line is that many people and workplaces buckled simply out of fear and ignorance. Let’s be honest, Australia has had it pretty good for the last 30 years of continued economic growth and a great welfare system. Free health and education is there for everyone as well as money to borrow at a cheap rate.

This lead us to be lazy and complacent so when the government fabricates a hysterical crisis we look to them for the solution. What was their solution? Lock-downs, mandates, passports, curfews, restrictions, medical apartheid, and covid cash handouts. Unfortunately many people accepted this solution in the hope they could go back to their way of life that the “good” government had produced over the last 30 years.

So where does this leave us now? We are more free than we actually think but you just need to invest in your own knowledge. I know many of you are going to say but what about Digital ID, WEF, Social Credit Systems, Digital currency, etc etc?

You do not have to accept these systems and you do not need to comply. Yes life may be a little harder but wouldn’t you rather live on the fringes of an authentic society instead of being part of a fake mainstream one? You might ask but how? We will find a way. You will find a way. We always do and if you can’t find a way then you make a way. Communities and tribes have been doing this for thousands of years and it’s not about to stop.

You are the 5% that they actually don’t want as part of their agenda because they know you will never consent to it. You are too much trouble for them and too well researched. They are simply relying on the other 95% that comply and conform. I suspect our 5% is slowly growing and this is what’s really causing them headaches.

You are the hope of the future. Yes tiny little insignificant you (which is what you are probably thinking you are). You have so much more power than you think. You need to be prepared to exercise that power by learning your rights and then standing up for them. Once your mind is free from their prison of fear you are untouchable.

Stand up straight, take your hands out of your pocket, and look straight ahead. You are going to need to make sacrifices and get your hands dirty because you are the hope of our side. Not the white hats, not the Q army, not Donald Trump, Not JFK Junior coming back to life, and certainly not any Aussie politician.

It’s all up to you! Learn your constitutional and human rights. Learn about natural medicine and alternative therapies. Learn how to grow food and find out where your farmers markets are. Install a water filter at home and use cash as much as possible. Put your money in a community bank or credit union and PLEASE cancel your credit cards.

But most importantly, discover what you are capable of. You are the hero you’ve been waiting for.

Hope to see you in Brisbane this Saturday or meet some of you at the United 4 Truth Forum 🙂

God Bless and take care of each other.

Christian Mack