•  Action – A key component of the movement is the action of its leaders and members. There is a feeling something is not quite right, there is the thinking based in knowledge that concurs there is something not quite right, but only through the willing, through one’s actions, can real change be instigated.
  • Courage – Members have a choice and willingness to confront and overcome their fear of uncertainty or intimidation, to reclaim the line that has been overstepped.
  • Well-being – Care and support of one another in critical times of uncertainty is pivotal to the Reclaim the Line community
  • Knowledge – Raising awareness through education and practicing discernment regarding the flood of information available is essential to keeping a grounded and realistic viewpoint.
  • Freedom – Where this is coercion, there is no consent. Reclaim the Line members value freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, for ourselves, our indigenous brothers and sisters, and our children.
  • Gratitude – Working collaboratively with an attitude of appreciation rather than expectation is paramount in establishing a healthy, future-oriented community. Each individual working within the Reclaim the Line movement is working voluntarily and their freedom of choice to contribute as little or as much as they wish is valued.