Dear Team,

No doubt you’ve seen wave after wave of truth bombs making headlines all over the world. It’s fascinating to watch journalists, politicians, and media celebrities squirm and back-peddle their way out of the hysteria they spruiked.

Right on cue, there is talk of another variant lurking in the shadows ready to attack us unless we all run and have our boosters. It seems the “grandchildren of Omicron” are now out for revenge because the first wave of vaccines slayed their parents and grandparents. Sounds like something out of a really bad horror movie that actually makes you laugh instead of cry.

Right on cue, we also have heard talks of more lock-lockdowns, mandates, and school closures. You and I know this isn’t going to happen. Besides a few attention-seeking Principals shutting down their schools, society is moving on, and so they should. We will never forget but at the same time, we can’t hold onto the fear of “what if’s” or “what about”. Do you really want to live like that?

The reason why I am bringing this up is that while the mainstream narrative of Covid and Vaccines is lingering like a scorned ex-lover, there seems to be people and organisations in the “freedom community” hell-bent on keeping people gripped by the fear of “what-ifs”. Why? Because just like the other side we were up against, they too are trying to remain relevant as freedom fighters.

You may not like what I am saying but again I ask you, do you really want to live your life gripped with “what-about” and “what-ifs”? You are living in a new kind of lock-downs – the lock-downs of your hearts and minds. It’s not healthy to be following anyone who keeps you suppressed with the doomsday narrative.

Unless they have a positive outlook and a productive approach to moving forward I would stop listening to the fearmongers. It weakens your mind and your body which then makes you reliant on that “hero” to save you.

By continuously buying into the fear that both sides are spruiking you are keeping yourself a prisoner to an invisible enemy. I have heard about martial law, military lockdowns, food shortages, mandatory quarantine camps, U.N army tanks rolling through to take our homes, and airplanes flying overhead to spray us with vaccines. This may all be true one day, but that day is not today!

As a former boxing coach, I always trained my fighters to know there was a sphere of uncertainty they had no control over, but if we trained just to fight the opponent standing in front of us then we had a better chance of success. We were always aware of and prepared for the future but at the end of the day, all we could do is fight what was in front of us.

Make no mistake, we won the fight of the last 3 years and while we copped a lot of punches and bruises along the way, I believe we were victorious. I understand some have been left with more scars than others but this is where the focus should be now – healing those scars and reconnecting with family and friends if they are willing.

We’ve learned so much about ourselves and I know many of you have made significant changes in your life both physically and spiritually. You are much stronger than you were prior to 2020 and you have realised what’s really important in life. Material possessions and a consumer lifestyle mean nothing if you don’t have good health and freedom.

We fought the lockdowns, we fought the mandates, we fought the masks, and when needed we will step into the ring and fight again, but until then look after yourself and your loved ones.

God Bless and take care of each other.

Christian Mack

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