For any grassroots movement strong, informed, passionate and inspirational leaders provide the necessary foundations from which to mobilise a rapidly growing community.

Tens of thousands of industry professionals including health care workers, teachers, early childhood educators, fire fighters, police, paramedics, prison guards and more have collaborated to form the movement ‘Reclaim the Line’.

Integral to the mission is a strategy of clear communication, police liaison, peaceful local action, and public events, to raise awareness amongst the wider community, concerning the vaccine mandates, green tick certificates and any elements of a two-tiered society. We seek and advocate for the application of honour and integrity from the occupiers of government office, and all institutions.

Members within the movement are connecting and have the opportunity to create supportive conscious communities, where our First Nations people are respected and where our children can thrive in freedom.

Reclaim the Line aims to support the music industry that has been largely destroyed, by showcasing local musicians at future events.