Reclaim The Line is supporting calls for a Royal Commission and Senate Enquiry into the abuse of powers by government officials, police and health authorities during Covid-19 (2020 – 2022)

Dear Team,

Do you remember those babies that died because our state premiers didn’t let them travel interstate for surgery due to covid? Do you remember when those dogs in the pound got killed because they didn’t want them adopted due to covid?

Perhaps you remember not being allowed to visit a dying loved one in hospital but politicians and athletes were allowed to fly around the country?

Maybe you remember when the police were slamming people to the ground for not wearing a mask or when they were arresting pregnant mums because of a Facebook post? Do you remember Renee? The mother who was arrested outside NSW Parliament House while her 4-year-old son begged police to let her go (hear her story below).

Maybe you remember the 216 out of 217 patients that were classified as being in a hospital and thus the beds for actually sick ppl were taken even though those 216 were at home in ‘virtual wards’.

Maybe you remember when you were told no jab no pay? And then you went and did the right thing because the jab was ‘effective’. Yet it was never effective?

Do you know that Pfizer wanted to keep their documents for trials private for 74 years? And because we got that info we have learned amongst other things that every woman that was pregnant during the trial had an ‘unknown outcome’?

If you are a tiny bit angry or maybe you just don’t think it’s fair what has been done to us, come to the protest this Saturday and stand with your fellow Aussies who also remember the crimes that were committed against us.

There is one in every capital city:

SYDNEY: Town Hall, George St 12pm
BRISBANE: City Botanic Gardens 1pm
MELBOURNE: Parliament House 12pm
PERTH: Forrest Place 1pm
ADELAIDE: Rundle Park 12pm
CANBERRA: Parliament House 12pm
HOBART: Parliament Lawns 12pm
DARWIN: The Esplenade 3pm
CAIRNS: Muddys Northside 11am
MACKAY: Bluewater Quay 10am


If you can please make the effort to attend a rally in your capital city that would be an enormous help. In the meantime, you can sign a petition here calling for a Royal Commission and Senate Enquiry. Our goal is 100k signatures which will make a massive impact leading up to the nationwide rallies.

Remember, we must never stop making noise and we must never stop talking about what was done to us! We want justice BUT we also want the truth to be known.

God Bless

Christian Mack

REMEMBER RENEE? The mother who was arrested outside NSW Parliament House while her son begged the police to let her go? This is her story!