Dear Team,

Once upon a time, not so long ago, you could not go outside without a mask. You could not travel further than 5km from your homes. You could not visit loved ones who were sick or dying. You were not able to work unless you were double vaccinated. Not so long ago you were not allowed to go to a cafe unless you showed your vaccine passport. Do you remember a time like this?

It’s unbelievable to think that this was life in Australia just under 12 months ago. The last remaining restrictions were lifted last week with the mask mandate dropping for public transport and air travel and the Covid support payments coming to an end this week. It looks like Covid is well and truly over and life has gone back to ‘normal’.

But we know this is not the case. While the politicians want us to forget about the carnage they created there are still people unable to work because of vaccine mandates in their industry, not to mention the psychological trauma mandates and lock-downs caused. How can we forget the thousands of people adversely affected by the vaccine itself? Or the ones that sadly lost their lives because of it?

The time has come where we have to better equip ourselves against the tyranny and corruption that we witnessed over the last 2 years. Most of us were asleep at the wheel and while yes there were warning signs long ago, we simply took no notice because life was good. We can’t go back and change the past but what we can do is empower ourselves for the future and not make the same mistakes again.

We have to ask ourselves how did we contribute to the situation we were faced with? It didn’t just happen. Slowly, slowly over time we just accepted things that did not seem to affect us or we turned a bling eye to causes which had no significance in our lives. I had no interest in No Jab No Play because it did not affect me. Little did I know that this was the first step towards No Jab, No Job!

Unfortunately most people were complacent and unbeknown to us we just complied by default. It’s not our fault, but it has now become our responsibility. We can win this spiritual war the globalists have waged for our minds and bodies, but first we must fight.

The key now is knowing our rights! Our God-given inalienable human rights which no government can infringe upon. We must empower our lives through knowledge and truth while maintaining a level of balance to be able to discern what is fact and what is just fear mongering propaganda.

We have to start taking better care of our bodies and not filling it up with toxic substances that weakens us. We have to stop watching and listening to doom and gloom garbage which just depresses us and keeps us in a constant state of fear.

We expect others to be better but we must also be better. We expect others to change but we must also change. No one knows what the future holds but we can certainly arm ourselves right now in the present to give us the best fighting chance of living a healthy, safe, and happy life without begging for our freedoms.

We now know better, so let’s do better, together.

God Bless

Christian Mack

My opening statement from the round-table Parliamentary inquiry last week. As I share this I am no longer protected by Parliamentary privilege but there is nothing in my statement that is defamatory and/or untrue.

The opening statement could only be 3 to 4 minutes so I did my best to capture our sentiment. The rest of the round-table inquiry remains confidential to protect other participants.

My name is Christian Marchegiani but everyone calls me Mack. I was a high school Science teacher at a private boys boarding school in Sydney. That was until August last year the Premier at the time Ms Gladys Berijiklian and Health Minister Mr Brad Hazzard on the advice of Dr Kerry Chant implemented vaccine mandates on anyone and everyone working in the education sector, including early childhood, primary, and secondary teachers, SLSO’s, administration staff, maintenance staff, traffic control staff, and learning support staff.

I was fortunate at the time that my Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were supportive of my decision not to get vaccinated but unfortunately many others in the same situation were not so lucky. This became apparent when I released a video calling for all affected staff in education to join a group I had formed with others called NSW Education United.

Within 2 weeks this private group grew to 7000 staff members across NSW. By the end of the month we had reached 14000 members. Once every other state mandated the vaccine for education workers we opened our membership to all states and within a week we had reached 31000 members. We changed our name to National United and began a campaign of writing to our local MP’s, Petitions, Phone calls to the Premier and Prime Minister, and eventually nationwide protests each week.

At first we were met with heavy police presence, the threat of rubber bullets, pepper spray, and arrest. We still showed up, even in torrential rain, because what you had here was not a bunch of misfits wanting to cause trouble, but thousands of ordinary Aussies who just wanted to work without being coerced to take a vaccine that according to the TGA was still in its experimental trials. Eventually the police resistance subsided once they too were mandated and a further 300 NSW Police officers joined our group.
Along the way I met many men, women, and children who were extremely traumatised by the way the Department of Education under Secretary Ms Georgina Harrison and Education Minister Ms Sarah Mitchell had treated them. People who had dedicated years of service to education were now being placed under investigation for misconduct because they did not want to receive the vaccine. They were placed on the same Do Not Employ list as convicted Pedophiles. Families were shattered and destroyed all in the name of a science.
We wrote letters in the thousands to the NSW Teachers Federation and Independent Education Union asking for help but they just told us to follow the public health orders and trust the science. They too let us down.
We then wrote to the TGA, AHPRA, AMA, NSW Health, the Human Rights Commission and any other establishment we could reach asking for the evidence and data to show that the vaccines were safe, effective, and necessary. This data has never been presented to us and when we submitted a Freedom of Information request we were told it does not exist.
I am here representing the thousands of staff who were let down by this government, their employers, and the nsw health department on what is one of the most shameful and disgraceful periods in our nations history.
The group I lead is strong, united, and growing by the day. We will not rest until all mandates are dropped for all sectors of society. And I want it stated on the record on behalf of the tens of thousands I represent, an appreciative thank you to the Chair Mr Mark Latham of ONE Nation and Mrs Tanya Davies of the Liberal Party who were the only ones to show support and cared enough to attended our protests outside this house to speak to the people of NSW.